copper plastic composite tape

Series of insulating wrapping tape of cables (4)

For plastic materials , insulating materials or wrapping wires all have some important mechanical properties, chemical properties and so on.

PP (Polyproplene)tape is with light weight, high tensile strength, good peeling property, good heat resistance , 80 ℃ of long-term use ,  stable and reliable winding and binding performance, low unit costs.It is to replace the non-woven fabric and the best products to overcome hard PET and has become one of the other various types of winding series of products.

PP tape

PP tape has high performance price ratio, small product proportion, thin thickness, high strength and moderate elongation. It can be dumb, slippery, moistureproof, no water absorbing, and has good electrical performance. The single coil is long and provides shaft assembly and many other shaft receiving methods, which can meet all kinds of machine installed on the market, and the winding is tight and round.

Use: space cable, robots cable,high temperature and flexible cable, military cable, power cable, control cable, XLPE cables, mining cables, communication cables etc.

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