Related knowledge about cables wrapping material

Reasons for the selection of wires and cables wrapping material

  1. the wire is made of a cylindrical wire (some core lines do not need to be twisted, and only one coating is wrapped outside).
  2. prevent the wire from loosening.
  3. shielding, so that the signal is not disturbed.
  4. the insulation between the conductor and the shielded wire.

Wrapping material

aluminum foil

It has one side hot-melt self adhesive and double-sided hot-melt self bonding. Usually, use single surface with small covering area and large shielding resistance.

There are two ways of wire wrapping:

Facc-in: aluminum foil is used inward, and it also plays a role of shielding when there is no wire material that is no longer prepared or wound.

Facc-out: aluminum foil is widely used for copper foil because of its soft and cheap aluminum foil.


Mylar tape

Also known as polyester tape with good tensile strength to prevent loose effect. For example, used in wire and cable occasions.

polyester tape

PTFE tape

It can also be called a polytetrafluoroethylene cable wrapping tape. This product is made from polytetrafluoroethylene dispersion resin and has a special fibrous microporous  structure. The product has the characteristics of low relative density, low dielectric loss, small impact on temperature and signal frequency changes, stable permittivity, excellent temperature resistance (long term usage temperature -150~260 ℃), good weather resistance and so on. It is an ideal dielectric material for high frequency wires and cables.

PTFE wrapping tape

In addition to copper foil tape(P =8.89), PE tape(P =0.93), foaming PP tape etc.

Wrapping machine

There are two types:

  1. It is attached to the winder / collection machine and is suitable for the wide wrapping tape.
  2. special tape machine, it is suitable for smaller wrapping tape.

Wrapping method

Package is involved with longitudinal and transverse mode, and transverse package is divided into winding and transverse oblique. Vertical packing use in which doesn’t always have to twist in the flat wire and core wire and does not ask the softness. Transverse oblique speed is fast and winding wrapping has good softness.

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