copper plastic composite tape

Series of iusulation tape (3)

PI (Polyimide) is one of the best comprehensive performance of organic polymer materials, its high temperature can be above 400 degrees and long-term use temperature range from -200 to 300 ℃, it has no obvious melting point and high insulation resistance. Its dielectric constant  is 4.0 with 103 Hz,and dielectric loss is only 0.004 ~ 0.007, the material is F to H grade insulation.



The surface of the film is smooth and clean, without wrinkles, tearing, particles, bubbles, pinholes and foreign impurities, and the edges are undamaged.


Space cable, robot cable, high temperature flexible cable, COF, OLED, LCD, LED and PDP, flat panel display, RFID tag, super capacitor and lithium iron phosphate lithium battery (LiFeO4), organic solar cells, flexible electronics, rolling curtain type screen, future flexible television.

The advantage of Lamm

Temperature: long term temperature resistance above 200℃

Thickness: the thinnest can be to 8um

Width: the narrowest can be to 1mm

Performance: light, excellent flexibility

Specifications: single side hot-melt self adhesive tape, double-sided hot-melt self adhesive tape, polyimide copper foil tape, polyimide aluminum foil tape

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