copper plastic composite tape

Series of insulating wrapping tape of cables (2)

PET (Polyester) has excellent physical and mechanical properties for cables in a wide temperature range, its short term use temperature can be up to 120 degrees centigrade. It has excellent electrical insulation, even under high temperature and high frequency, the electric performance is still good. It has creep resistance, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, but the corona resistance is a little poor.

purple PET

The advantages of Lamm

Width: Extreme narrow cutting, the narrowest width can be up to 0.6mm.

Color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black…

Thickness: the thinnest can be up to 4um

Length: 2000 meters without joint

Packing: all machines on the market can be used

Use: very thin coaxial cable, micro coaxial MCC, high frequency machine wire., high stability phase structure cable ,such as ZSFP, SFP, QSFP and other Gigabit data cables.

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