Series of insulating wrapping tape (1)

Generally, insulating materials are also called plastic materials. The two properties of plastic materials are thermal plasticity and thermosetting. Lamm Materials Technology Co., Ltd. always produce insulating materials including PTFE wrapping tape, polyester tape, PI, PP foam tape. Today ,we’ll come to know PTFE.

PTFE (Poly tetra fluoroethylene) is generally called ‘non stick coating’ or ‘easy to clean material’. This material has the characteristics of anti – acid, alkali and anti – organic solvent and is almost insoluble in all solvents. The material is soft and has the characteristics of light, flame-retardant, wear resistant and good electrical properties and its structure is stable.


Advantages of LAMM:

Width: very narrow cut, the width of the narrowest can be 0.6mm,

Density: minimum density 0.3

Length: 2000 meters without joint

Packing: all machines on the market can be used

Uses: phase stabilized cable, medical cable, robot cable, car charging wire, aerospace cable, swaying cable, weather resistant high temperature cable and so on.

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