polyeater tape

Insulating layer–PET/Polyester wrapping tape

The structure of wires and cables can be divided into four components, such as conductor, insulating layer, shielding, and protective layer, or structure element and component.

The insulating layer is a component that acts as an electrical insulation on the outer layer of the conductor. That is to ensure that the transmission current or electromagnetic wave goes along the conductor only without traveling to the outside, and the potential on the conductor (the potential difference between the surrounding objects, i.e. voltage) can be isolated. Therefore, the insulation (layer) is an important component to ensure the normal transmission function of the conductor, and to ensure the safety of the outside body and the body.

The insulating layer of the wires and cables is made up of a layer of insulating material with uniform thickness around the wire, and the polyester film is one of its common materials. Polyester film is divided into different width as polyester wrapping tape, wrapped around the insulation layer. After heating, the viscosity flow performance is excellent. It is easy to control thermoplastic material.

Polyester wrapping tape:

polyester tape

Purpose and characteristics:

This product is made of high quality polyester film and cut by machine. It has high mechanical strength, excellent insulation performance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. It is an ideal wrapping material. It is mainly used for ZSFP, SFP, QSFP, very thin coaxial cable, micro coaxial MCC, used for notebook computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, PDA, high frequency machine wiring, medical color B-ultrasound and other electronic equipment wire and so on.

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