polyeater tape

Introduction and application of hot melt polyester

Hot melt polyester

Mylar tape is a kind of insulating cable, also known as polyester tape (PET), which uses biaxially oriented polyester material with high tensile strength and electrical properties, and provides the internal structure of the cable insulation coating.

PET tape is suitable for the signal transmission line, control line and other composite wire with strand structure, and other internal wire for insulation.

Transparent PET tape

Usually use for signal transmission lines, control lines and other composite wire with strand structure, and other internal wireinsulation. It is mainly used in communication cables, telephone wires, computer wires and so on.

polyester tape


Width is cut according to customer needs,

long-term temperature resistance 80 ℃, short term 120℃,

thickness: 4um+,

pipe core: 2inch or 3inch, or according to customer size requirements.

Lamm materials manufacturers of polyester tape products have been certified by SGS, others production includes PTFE cable winding, aluminum-plastic composite with ultra-thin copper foil Mylar, hot melt polyimide, PTFE semi-conductive tape, copper deposition and so on. If you want to know more detailed information,  you can consult our customer service staff in line, we will serve wholeheartedly for you.

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