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The key factors affecting the performance of high speed and high frequency cable

Lamm Material Technology Co., Ltd. , a solution provider about cable wrapping materials with a collection of research and development, specially pays attention to properties of materials. For our general R & D personnel, we are more concerned about cable related electrical performance parameters, such as loss, transmission rate, cut-off frequency, shielding and so on.


That is attenuation, which is an indicator of the energy attenuation with the increase of the length and frequency of the cable. The loss is mainly determined by electrical conductivity and dielectric loss. In general, the larger is the cable, the smaller is the loss of the conductor and the smaller is the loss. However, the dielectric loss has nothing to do with the size of the cable, and the dielectric loss plays a major role in high speed and high frequency.

In the loss, there is a point that needs to be paid attention to, which is a stability of the loss. This stability does not mean that the loss is always the same, but that the loss needs to remain unchanged at a certain frequency point. In general, the loss of a cable with a compiling structure increases with the increase of time or bending times. So when we buy cable, we usually ask the supplier whether the cable is stable phase and stable sine, which is to prevent numerical fluctuations and changes in the process of testing.

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Transmission speed

The transmission rate of high speed and high frequency cable is mainly composed of inner and outer conductor insulation , which determines the dielectric constant of the material. This is the same meaning as the rate of signal propagation on PCB . This is different from the transmission rate of the signal.


Shielding cable is the main representative of the signal without outside interference, also don’t let the signal interference outside. We also call the shielding of the cable isolation.



Although this is a little related to electrical performance , but still want to talk about this. Softness is very important for our testing, because if the cable is too hard, it will make our test system unstable and easy to damage the test fixture. In addition, softness has great influence on the service life. The higher the softness is and the better the folding resistance is, the longer the service life is, especially for the robot cable.

Here is not to explain the other parameters and it’s not unimportant to us in terms of high speed and high frequency, such as the characteristic impedance, in Bobbi (VSWR), environmental tolerance and working temperature and so on. The high and low temperature test when we need is very important, if the cable shape changed under the condition of 80 ℃, it will completely change our test results.

In short, high speed cable choice must meet for high frequency, ‘Do not make test results by cable’.

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