Several shielding structures commonly used in wires and cables

aluminum foil shielding

While for twisting, for pair, or wrapping outside, just put into a layer of aluminum foil tape.

winding shielding

It is also called cable package, with a plurality of conductor helically wrapped on core wire or semi-finished product. The shielding effect is directional, and the shielding property changes when bending. However, it has the characteristics of small outer diameter, soft wire materials and low price. It is suitable for low frequency shielding.




weaving shielding

The shielding is without directivity and high frequency shielding properties is good. It is suitable for high frequency shielding and can be through up to 100% multilayer shielding effect. At the same time, the bending shielding characteristics is without any change.

copper shielding

It is similar to aluminum foil , but more thickness.



semiconductor plastic shielding

It is use less, but the shielding is excellent and the production speed is fast.

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