PTFE wrapping tape ——a efficient tool of flexible cables

The equipment in the medical field is constantly updated, and the demand for cable is more strict. The flexibility of cable has become a very important index.

The new generation of lightweight flexible cable can effectively reduce the mechanical and electrical properties, ensure the reliability of equipment operation, and have higher flexibility and longer flexural life. It can significantly reduce the risk of cable damage and improve the comfort when wearing. Such small devices usually use thin flexible cable elements to supply power and signal connections.

PTFE wrapping tape

The PTFE wrapping tape is specially designed for the flexible core wiring harness, which can be used for millions of flexure operations, especially for the cable before the medical core wiring harness is put out.

The flexibility of the cable material is different from the flexure life of the cable element, and the two are different. One of the important factors in the design of cable components is to understand the role played by each characteristic and how it affects the design use. For a cable that has to be durable, a longer flexure life (that is, the number of more flexure cycles before damage) is a very important feature. High flexibility allows the cable to bend at a smaller radius without reducing the performance or causing cable damage. For some applications, these two features are useful and even necessary.

e-ptfe wrapping tape

Any design of wires, cables and connectors will bring challenges to engineering and manufacturing. General equipment manufacturers in the design and manufacture of connectors and cable elements are often not fully experience, therefore, Lamm Materials Technology Co., Ltd. , as a solution provider specializing in medical wire, will provide the most economical and fast method for you.

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