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Why does data cable have shielding function ?

We can see that the middle and high end data cable is usually made up of a few parts which includes a rubber shell ,a woven mesh ,aluminum foil and copper wire. The conductor wire core (copper wire core) wrapped by colored insulators is used to transmit data signals and currents. The outer shell is used to protect wires. What is the role of the middle weave and aluminum foil layer?

An important role of data cable is the transmission of data signals. But when we use it, there may be a variety of messy information around us. We would like to think that if these interfering signals enter the inner conductor of the data cable and stack them to the original transmitted signal, is it possible to interfere or change the original transmitted signals, resulting in useful signal loss or problems?

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These mesh and the aluminum foil layer plays a role in shielding and protection to transfer the information. Of course, not all data cables have two layers of shielding, some have multiple shields, some only one layer, or even no. Shielding is the isolation of metal between two spatial regions, so as to control the induction and radiation of electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetic wave from one area to another. Specifically, the shielding conductor is used to encircle the conductor core to prevent them from being influenced by external electromagnetic fields and interference signals, and also to prevent electromagnetic interference from spreading in the wires.

The shielding layer of data cable is mainly composed of copper, aluminum and other non-magnetic material, which usually is woven copper (aluminum magnesium Braid) or copper foil (aluminum foil etc.), their thickness is very thin, far less than the frequency of use on the skin depth of metal materials. One caveat must be said that is one end and circuit signal connection, because the shielding effect is mainly not due to metal body itself on the electric and magnetic fields generated by reflection and absorption, but because of the shielding layer grounding the grounding in different forms will directly affect the shielding effect.

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