Characteristics of PTFE wrapping tape

PTFE wrapping tape , specifically with PTFE as a raw material for the production of wires and cables wrapping material. The PTFE wrapping tape has excellent weatherability, heat resistance, small friction coefficient, stable chemical properties and good electrical insulation performance. So the PTFE wrapping tape can be used for robot cables, electromagnetic wires, RF coaxial cables, high temperature cables and so on.

PTFE wrapping tape

e-ptfe wrapping tape

This tape is not only with outstanding insulation, and also has good flexibility. Hardness of the cables will not increase in use with wide use of temperature range and wide frequency range and has a low dielectric constant and loss factor is particularly low, dielectric strength, dielectric constant, volume (2.3~2.1) the resistivity and surface resistivity is well maintained, and until their glass transition temperatures are not affected by temperature . They have low hygroscopicity, the dielectric properties is less affected by humidity. PTFE wrapping tape can maintain their excellent performance in high temperature and pressure, especially for data transmission cables to low attenuation. At the same time, polytetrafluoroethylene can also be used as a cable sheath.

With the development of power industry in China, application of the cables between people more and more sophisticated, the scope of outstanding cable has become the development trend and requirements for the cable special performance in various fields are increasingly high, coupled with space restrictions, requirements for wire cable diameter is smaller and larger carrying capacity. The high thermal stability, high flame-retardant and low loss of PTFE wrapping tape has been a hot topic of concern. PTFE Teflon plastic insulation for special occasions can meet different requirements.

The PTFE wrapping tape is mainly used in such areas as coaxial cable, high temperature cable, robot cable, engineering machinery cable and so on, and the application field is also expanding.

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