copper plastic composite tape

Defects and prevention of cabling

The purpose of cabling is to get stable structure for optical fiber cable, so that the cable sheath extruded has better tensile strength, compressive strength, anti bending and anti torsion, impact resistance and other excellent mechanical properties and temperature characteristics, and it has the minimum geometric volume, while improving Fiber Microbend and environmental temperature changes caused by compressive strain caused by external force keep the inherent fiber excellent transmission characteristics.

signal cable

The cabling process requires that the cable core must have excellent mechanical properties, which can meet all kinds of transportation, storage, laying conditions and methods and different environmental conditions. Common defects and preventive measures are shared as follows:


  1. The cables will be shape of snake after cabling
  2. The pitch of the cable is not in conformity with the requirements
  3. The roundness of the cable is beyond the allowable range
  4. Uneven diameter of cable
  5. The gap or overlap of the wrapping belt is unqualified
  6. Fracture of the wound belt
  7. Crinkle opening

Preventive measures

  1. Adjust the line tension, adjust the pitch according to the technical requirements, pay attention to the close and neat line of the line.
  2. Adjust the gear and gear correctly according to the technical requirements, take the cable core on the traction wheel to circle several circles or appropriately increase the pressure of the track.
  3. Select the appropriate pressure die, adjust the distance of the die and the wire core guide wheel or the line pre twist angle, adjust the filling structure and the size of the filling material, and fill the filling properly.
  4. adjust the equipment, according to the technical requirements of the pitch production, repair bags with joints and bad places, pay attention to the quality of the pack, pay attention to control filling position
  5. Replace the wrapping tape, pay attention to the quality of the protection when parking, adjust the pitch of the tape.
  6. Adjust the size of the guide wheel, adjust the winding tension, check the quality of the tape and replace the rejects.
  7. Adjust the tension, adjust the angle of the wrap around the tape, choose the proper size of the line wheel.