The role of cable shielding material

If the cable is under normal electrified condition, the metal shielding layer will pass through the capacitive current , or in short circuit fault it will pass short circuit current.While through half current shielding tape , it will improve the electric field distribution.

Semi conductive shielding tape is to limit the effect of external electromagnetic fields generated inside the electromagnetic shielding, and it also shields electromagnetic caused by electric cables with circuit inside the insulation wire core, to reduce electromagnetic interference on the outside. At the same time, the electric field can be homogenized to prevent the axial discharge. Because the semiconducting layer has a certain resistance, when the metal shielding layer is not grounded properly, the cable will be discharged along the surface due to the uneven distribution of potential in the cable axis.


Thus, the cable can improve the electric field distribution by the semi conductive shield, which is a very effective measure.

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