Silvery Aluminum/PET tape

Introduction and applicaiotn of aluminum foil tape

Single-sided aluminum foil tape

Single-sided aluminum foil tape is one kind of aluminum/PET foil, also known as aluminum plastic composite tape. This product use the soft rolling aluminum foil and polyester film as raw materials and is with a special process to composite. After ripening , aluminum foil mylar film to be cut into rolling. One side is aluminum foil with insulation and the other side is polyester with conductive function.

It is mainly used in communication cable for shielding, Such as SFP/QSFP/MINI-SAS cable, outer conductor, or pressure sensitive adhesive coating collocation, die-cutting machining after aluminum foil mylar film mostly for grounding assembly of electronic products.

Silvery Aluminum/PET tape

Double-sided aluminum foil

Mainly used for computer cable, signal cable ,communication cable, coaxial cable, LAN cable, DVI, HDMI, RGB and other high frequency wires with high shielding performance.

Hot-melt aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is also called hot-melt self-adhesive foil mylar, also called hot melt aluminum foil, using hot melt adhesive for MQ-40 polymer, without pollution, in accordance with the EU RoHS environmental protection regulations.

Hot melt aluminum foil produces adhesive reinforcement with heat produced by coating wires. It has good fastness, excellent sealing and simple post processing. It is applied to interference shielding of multiconductor controlled wire, such as signal wire, coaxial cable, series ATA wire or local network cable.

Silvery Aluminum/PET tape

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