copper plastic composite tape

The shielding series of cable wrapping tape– Copper plastic composite tape

The copper plastic composite tape is also known as the copper foil mylar tape. It includes copper foil, Mylar CuP, rolling copper foil, copper plastic composite tape, silver plated copper tape and tin plated copper tape. This product has better shielding effect for electromagnetic radiation interference. It has good performance for grounding electrostatic discharge and can also be used for soldering tin.

It can be derived from  hot-melt self adhesive copper foil tape, double lead copper foil tape, pure copper foil, tin plated copper foil and silver plated copper foil.

copper foil tape

Lamm advantages:

Width: very narrow width cutting, narrow to 1mm,

Thickness: thickness to 11um

Length: up to 20000m

Packaging: all machines can be used on the market

Use: for SFP, QSFP, electromagnetic shielding EMI, core line protection, external conductor, such as RF low loss RF coaxial, daily car harness, APPLE headphone line, sound wire, foil winding transformer, tube type radiator, etc.

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