copper plastic composite tape

Application of aluminum foil

Aluminum foil mylar is attached adhesive polyester tape with metal foil backing ,which usually chooses 7 μm and 9 μm aluminum foil. In recent years, with the change trend of thin and small in electronic industry products, the thickness of 4 μm aluminum foil has gradually increased, due to the application of industry and end use is different.


  1. single-sided aluminum foil mylar ,double-sidedaluminum foil mylar,conductive aluminum foil, aluminum foil adhesive tape: These are used for shielding interference of multi conductor controlling wire Such as electronic wires, computer wires, signal wires, coaxial cables, TV wires or LAN cables.


  1. hot melt aluminum foil, self-adhesive aluminum foil,aluminum adhesivetape: These are used forshielding interference in multi conductor ctrolling wires, Such as signal wires, coaxial cables, TV wires, Series ATA wires or LAN cables.

Silvery Aluminum/PET tape

  1. wings aluminumfoil, wings of butterflyaluminum foil: These are applied to twisted-pair wires, composite wires and  multi conductor controlling wires with shielding interference. Such as controlling wires, signal transmission wires and other computer wires. It is necessary material for DVI, HDMI, RGB and other high frequency wires. And these kind of tape has patented technology.


  1. pure aluminum sheet, aluminum tape, aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum foimylar: Mainly applied to shielding interference.Such as PC board and other precision components likecomputer screen.


  1. conductive aluminum foil adhesive tape:applied to shielding interference of multi conductor controlling cable. Usually used for shielding cable of aluminum foil. The shielding effect is more superior, mainly are black and transparent mylar.


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