LAMM Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 2011, is located in Songshan Lake National Hi-tech Industrial Zone,Dongguan, China. LAMM is one of the leading companies in China providing sheilding/insulation/wrapping tape material solutions with high performance and low weight in cable industrial.LAMM works together with domestic universities and colleges on R&D of cable materials and owns more than 30 patents.

Our products

PTFE tape

PTFE cabling tape

Light , soft, with flame retardant ,good layer ,and stability structure.

copper foil tape

Copper/Polyester Tape

Copper foil/polyester laminate (CU/PET) has higher conductivity and electromagnetic insulation.

SEPCWidth mmThickness μmTemperature ℃ColorTube Core



It’s a upgrading and updating of PET cabling tape .

Aluminum foil tape

Al/PET Tape

Electromagnetic wave sheilding foil for EMI, core cables protection , outer conductor and anti electromagnetic interference.

polyester tape


This tape is widely used for wires and cables wrapping.

PTFE tape


Cabling of flexible wire harness,phase-compensated cable,and especially used in cabling of medical wires harness before pinching-out.


Yellow AL/PET Tape

Necessary material for LAN cables, coaxial cables, instrumentation cables and other communication cables.


Copper steaming film Cuj

Very thin coaxial cable, micro coaxial MCC, Medical B-Ultrasonic line, shielding of superfine cable

Copper/Polyimide tape

High temperature polyimide, copper foil Mylar, gold finger, flexible copper foil and polyimide film .

Who are you ?

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Who Are We?

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Our Lab

LAMM works together with domestic universities and colleges on R&D of cable materials and owns more than 40 patents.Our laboratory is the key for that.

Our Certification

Complete quality control system has been established with the ISO9001 Certification.

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